I Blocked Qanon Gramma On Facebook

I Blocked Qanon Gramma On Facebook
I had to block Qanon gramma on Facebook
Reported Flat Earth uncle for spam
Unfriended my anti vax sister in law
Got my GOOP loving cousin banned

My sweet little niece
has been radicalized
She thinks Jews are giant
Green lizards in disguise
I say you’re half jewish
She says that’s exactly
What you’ve brainwashed me to think

It feels like I went to sleep and woke up
In the grip of an alternate dimension
Where everything I thought I knew’s been shook up
And mangled beyond recognition

I long for the days when Grandpa watched Fox
Now it’s all Alex Jones
Crisis actors, chemtrails, demons and gay frogs
Hillary Clinton eats baby bones

I caught my wife watching YouTube
Started out on make up tutorials
Now she thinks Obama is trafficking children
In a sex ring neath the Lincoln memorial

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Through sick days, tired days, days with no inspiration, the death of my grandma, the breakup of a 5 year long relationship, the marriage to my wife and the birth of our son – I’ve never missed a day. This is my life’s work.