New Q #3! An Overly Sensitive Q Anon gets Defensive! Criticism is Warranted.

New Q #3! An Overly Sensitive Q Anon gets Defensive! Criticism is Warranted.
Well I haven’t had the chance to look at any Q Anon Analyses from any of the fine people that have made it into an art-form. However, I suspect that some of them, like me, have been understandably underwhelmed by the reemergence of Q Anon, with the same old stuff.

So now, Q Anon gets overly sensitized by well deserved criticism from long time supporters and gets defensive by providing yet another list of FBI/DOJ Thugs that have been removed.
Surprisingly, this list now includes Agent Coleman, whose words:

“thousands emails…Hillary Clinton & Foundation…Crime Against Children…”

appeared on page 294 of the one major DOJ/OIG Report that has reached the public eye.

Now I’m not sure what Agent Coleman did to be fired, but the fact that he documented the clearly evil schiff that was on the Weiner Laptop should be worth some Brownie Points. On the other hand, from extensive personal experience, I know that Federal Agency OIG’s work hand in hand with the Agency Heads to ensure that an Agency is never embarrassed.

OIG Thugs, Horowitz and Huber, are no exceptions, since exceptions to this methodology are not permitted. Nor have they ever existed at any time in the Federal Bureaucracy.

Therefore, I do not find it to be a good thing that Q Anon is supporting OIG Thugs and heaping, as yet, undeserved credit on Huber and Horowitz who have done little worth noting to date. Nor is it necessarily good news that the one Agent (Coleman) who dared to put the contents of the Weiner Laptop into writing, however cryptic, has been bounced. This is what happens to whistleblowers and non team-players.

To be fair, it’s nice that Q Anon has finally quoted the words that many of us have been quoting for months but again, “Where’s the frapping beef?” Arrest that woman and watch them all scatter.

This new process-following Q Anon (i.e., President Trump) does not move the ball forward. We’ve followed their process for months, so here’s my suggested process.

Arrest the bastards now! There is enough evidence out there to take down all three Clinton’s, John Brennan, John Clapper, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Bob Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Jim Comey, Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Miller and many others.

Sorry Q. Sorry Mr. President. Don’t tell us about bureaucratic process that must be followed. Talk is cheap. Arrest someone!