Q Anon is dead. Trust the Plan, my heiny! (salty)

Q Anon is dead. Trust the Plan, my heiny! (salty)
Q Anon is dead. We the People have to help this President NOW!

We have waited around for two years trusting in a plan that has produced nothing. I predict that, if nothing happens to Hillary and the rest of these criminals within the next six months, the President will ultimately fail in his quest to:

“end our stupid wars”;
“build that wall”;
“get along with Putin”; and,
“Lock her up!”

I never trusted in the plan under Sessions and I won’t be trusting in any plan under Barr. The President is surrounded by Deep State Thugs, from Pence…to Pompeo…to Bolton…to Schulmer, Pelosi, McConnell, Rubio, Graham and the rest. They are all swine

We the People have to make our voices heard that we are tired of this and let the President know that we are prepared to support him if he acts to remove these traitors. However, he cannot continue to go with these same people, who are not supporting his policies.