Q Anon Nails St Barry and the Queen! Patriots Await Arrests!

Q Anon Nails St Barry and the Queen! Patriots Await Arrests!
Following are the relevant links as presented in Q Anon Drops 3042-3046. Lisa Page Transcripts are devastating.

3042—This is the well-known five minute video of President Trump explaining his agenda for the future, which has been so eloquently tied into the Q Anon Fabric.

3043—Sean Hannity, 13 second clip in which Hannity hints of bigger things to come

3044—Twitter User joemo23 tweets out an the original Trump Tweet, from 3/4/17, in which he stated, “Obama had my wires tapped” and contrasts that with Lisa Pages testimony (pg 109) that “POTUS (Obama) wants to know everything we are doing”.

3045—Representative John Ratcliffe tweets out the testimony of Lisa Page in which she states that the FBI was told by DOJ that they could not charge Hillary Clinton and that they would not prosecute in any case.

3045 cont.—In August, 2018, the FBI denies a Trump Tweet that China hacked HRC’s Server. This is a report on that denial from “The Hill”.