RED ALERT!!-YouTube Attacks Another Channel For Covering Q Anon!!!!

RED ALERT!!-YouTube Attacks Another Channel For Covering Q Anon!!!!
RED ALERT- My ORIGINAL channel with over 13,000 subscribers
has suddenly received not one but TWO “Community strikes” in the past 2 day from YouTube for videos uploaded 2 and 3 years ago respectively!! Yes THREE years ago!

YouTube is also now BLOCKING ANY NEW UPLOAD FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS. That is why I’m uploading my video tonight to this new channel instead of my usual channel. Help spread the word about this backup channel and about this deep state attack on conservative and pro-Trump voices exposing the deep state.

We are now officially in a civil war. YouTube is obviously an arm of the deep state and clearly we are at war against an enemy that hates Patriots and Conservative speech especially those who are following Trump’s Storm that started after his October 6, 2017 announcement that this was the “calm before the storm”. None of us thought at the time that the storm would cost us are channels for covering it. Well now it’s all happening!

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