The Q Anon Message Goes Mainstream!

The Q Anon Message Goes Mainstream!
The Q Anon Message appears to be moving over to more mainstream web outlets, which will increase its visibility. This may be part of “The Plan”, since many people are still reluctant to go to an anonymous board, which is confusing at best, to read cryptic messages from a mysterious entity known as Q Anon, when they can now read well-linked news articles, which are less intimidating.

This Epoch Times Article, written by Jeff Carlson, is the most thorough study of Russiagate, other than that provided by Q Anon, that I have seen. It is well linked and will therefore be difficult to deny for even the most ardent Russia/Trump haters.

It also presents important information in a forum that will be more palatable for a general public, which has been conditioned to reject Q Anon as a “Conspiracy Theory, which it is not. Besides including an amazing organizational flowchart for the entire coup d’état, Mr. Carlson’s Article leaves few questions unanswered.

Spygate: The True Story of Collusion, by Jeff Carlson

Special thanks to “Cordicon” whose video alerted me to this link.