(They) Are Panicked
Msm & DS are seriously panicked now. We “Russian bots” have grown in numbers WW so large that they can no longer control the narrative. They have become a cornered animal which makes them dangerous. I hope my (and other Qtuber) channels don’t get purged but I’m going to prepare for if we do.

William Barr False narrative. See how the MSM & Dems create “fake news”: https://youtu.be/nM2hD5sRZh4
[Umbrella Surv] “Hops” (18:00 timestamp): https://youtu.be/Jqa4EM73Sl4
All Roads Lead to London: https://youtu.be/vH5AW8gCOHU
Horowitz hands tied (Grassley, Freedom Caucus, Horowitz): https://youtu.be/LRV_8FItRUk
Carter Page worked for FBI?: https://youtu.be/scU15ryetyI

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Cater Page was Undercover FBI: https://youtu.be/scU15ryetyI
Bruce Our Testimony: https://youtu.be/aPnj_RlqIpo
Russiagate, all roads lead to London: https://youtu.be/vH5AW8gCOHU
Admiral Ace Lyons (Lori Corell channel) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aBv8kqKck6E&

Best Trump speech (Keithbm24): https://youtu.be/jQr6btS_mls

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